Athena is the goddess of wisdom and battle stratgedy. Her parents are Zeus and Metis. Since Zeus swallowed Metis Athena was born fully grown and dressed for battle out of Zeus's head. She is a virgin goddess so her children are born out of her head.Her step mother is Hera. Her step siblings are: Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Ares, Hephfastus, Hebe, and Persephone.

Her animal is the owl because Owl's are very wise animals and Athena is the goddess of wisom. She is sometimes called Pallas Athena because she once knew a mortal girl named Pallas. She was one of the goddess's in the Trojan war. She caught Posedion and Medusa in her sacred temple and gave Medusa snake hair.

She and Poseidon do not like each other because they competed to be the patron of Athens, Greece. Poseidon created a water fall or something and Athena created the Olive Tree and the People of Athens like that better. Also she is enimes with Poseidon because of the Medusa deal,.

Archane a mortal once asked Athena for a contest for weaving and Athena agreed. I think Archane lost and so Athena turned her into a spider.Athena and all of her children are frightened of spiders.

Athena is thought to have blonde hair and gray eyes. She has many good shields and is also the goddess of weaving. She is mentioned to not be able to be beaten in battle because she is so wise. This could be true I do not have any evidence of her being beaten. She and Hercules are friends I believe.

She is Zeus's favorite and most powerful daughter in my opinion and I believe that is a fact.